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Valuation info

Valuation information

What is valuation, and how does it work?

A certified appraiser determines the market value of a residential or commercial property in a verified valuation. A verified valuation is required when applying for a mortgage. The bank or mortgage lender determines the loan amount based on the valuation of a recognized appraiser. Therefore, it is crucial to carry out the valuation thoroughly and professionally.

What determines the valuation of a property?

  •  The content and surface of the property;
  •  The functional layout;
  •  The quality of the materials used;
  •  The extent to which the property is energy efficient and insulated;
  •  The location and the environment;
  •  The market situation;
  •  The state of maintenance

When is a valuation report required?

  • When buying or selling a house;
  • When dividing property; 
  • When properties must be declared for tax purposes;
  • When taking out a building insurance policy;
  • To object to the value applied by the government; 
  • When taking out or increasing a mortgage

For many years, members associated with TVC have valued companies and houses at the highest level. As a result, the valuation reports are professional, accurate, and accepted by banks and financial institutions.