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Meet TVC

What do we stand for?

TVC, founded on November 24, 2016, is active in all market segments of the Curaçao real estate market. In addition, the association supports affiliated members and looks after the interests of various stakeholders.

Objectivity and independence

Every year appraisers assess billions of guilders' worth of (commercial) real estate. Therefore, real estate valuations should be carried out objectively and independently by an experienced appraiser qualified to act according to recognized rules and guidelines. TVC is a reliable partner for your real estate valuation!

TVC focuses on appraisers' independence, integrity, and quality and serves the public interest in real estate valuations.

TVC strives for quality

TVC strives for quality in the expertise of its members. That is why TVC has drawn up an admission policy to which members must adhere. Members must have a trustworthy reputation, sufficient expertise, experience, and insight into the Curaçao real estate market developments.


TVC provides explicit rules of conduct and professional behavior and thus safeguards the quality of its members. In addition, TVC has a central disciplinary system, guaranteeing a consistent, transparent, and independent disciplinary process for all appraisers within TVC.

Professional competence

TVC organizes monthly meetings in which members receive continuous training on the most diverse subjects they may encounter in their daily work. Therefore, TVC regularly invites experts to give lectures and organize excursions. Our members specialize in, amongst others, appraisals of all types, be it residential- or commercial. Each TVC appraiser prides him- or herself on providing their customers with quality, accuracy, dedication, attention to detail, and professional service. Rest assured that all our members will strive to achieve the highest levels of results and precision, no matter the type, size, or scope of the project. Our appraisers combine their experience, professionalism, and knowledge of the Curaçao market to expertly produce an objective, professional and detailed valuation report of your property. TVC members are making a real difference in this field. They have had the privilege for many years of being responsible, both as individual appraisers as well as forming part of commissions, for some of the island's largest, most complex, and most wide-ranging appraisal projects.

Onze leden zijn gespecialiseerd in alle soorten taxaties, zowel in residentieel als commercieel vastgoed. Alle TVC-taxateurs zijn zeer toegewijd om hun klanten een professionele en uitstekende service te leveren, op een consistente en accurate manier. Onze klanten kunnen erop vertrouwen dat TVC-taxateurs zeer accuraat zijn in hun werkzaamheden, ongeacht de aard van het project.

Onze taxateurs combineren hun ervaring, vakkundigheid en kennis van de Curaçaose markt, om een objectief, deskundig en gedetailleerd taxatierapport op te stellen.

TVC-leden zorgen voor een waar verschil in hun vak. Door de jaren heen hebben ze het voorrecht gehad om als taxateurs en in commissies verantwoordelijk te zijn voor verschillende van de grootste, meest complexe en uitgebreide taxatie projecten op het eiland.

Competencies of appraisers within TVC