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The TVC is active in all market segments of the Curaçao real estate market.

Our mission

Welcome to Taxateurs Vereniging Curaçao (TVC)

TVC can perform any valuation for you. These may be residential and commercial valuations such as business premises, offices, and healthcare real estate valuations.

Our professional appraisers know the Curaçao market like no other. They have a keen eye for current affairs and are familiar with the recent changes and regulations in the valuation field.

TVC stands
for quality

The TVC strives for quality in terms of expertise of its members. For this reason, the TVC has an admission policy that its members must comply with. A member must, among other things, be of impeccable conduct, have sufficient professional knowledge, have experience and be aware of the developments in the Curaçao real estate market.

and expertise

339 / 5,000 Translation results The TVC members meet monthly. The meetings are always devoted to permanent education of the members on the basis of the most diverse subjects that the members may be confronted with in their daily practice. The TVC therefore regularly invites experts for lectures and excursions are organised.

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